Sydney's Premier Concrete Pool Builder For Over 40 Years.


Every pool has its’ own unique set of circumstances. Jade Pools has the experience that only comes with building over 500 pools. This experience ensures your unique pool build is managed and conducted with best practice workmanship. It also ensures an efficiency of project management that makes building a pool with Jade Pools a pleasurable process.

Site Evaluation

We conduct a thorough evaluation of your site considering access, open space, trees, slope of ground, vista, neighbours and more to work out how a pool will best work on your site.

Pool Design

Back in the office we combine the site evaluation with your pool ‘wish list’ and design a pool that will work with your site, budget and specifications.

Plan Approval

Your pool plans are professionally drawn and submitted for approval. Once we get approval through we enter the construction phase.


Our excavators will expertly get their equipment on site (sometimes no easy feat) and commence digging. They precisely shape the pool with accurate depths and straight edges for a great end result.


A critical stage to the overall outcome of your pool, our formworkers are highly experienced and pay great attention to detail to ensure a perfect shell.


Once the formwork is complete all the pipes are laid within the formwork.


The concrete for the shell is pumped in and the shell left to cure for 4 weeks.

Tiling, Paving and Rendering

Now it is time to carry out the tiling – waterline or the whole pool depending on your design, pave over the coping and any extended areas, and render any integral retaining walls.


Our electricians come and lay down the wiring for your lights and pool equipment.


Once the fence is in situ around the pool, the construction phase is complete, the pool fencing is inspected for compliance and the finishing off begins.


Next we come and pump out any water in your pool, sweep and vacuum up all the leaves and dirt that have accumulated, inspect the shell and get it ready for your final coating.

Interior Finish

The final coat goes on to deliver a smooth texture and beautiful look to your pool.

Acid Wash

The acid strips back the outer coating highlighting the colour in the interior.

Fill and Balance

Don’t panic, believe it or not – that’s just the colour of tap water. The chemicals still need to be added.

But once they are … wow!

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