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Family Pools

Create the perfect family pool for entertainment with a freeform or traditional style, offering a range of options to suit everyone’s preferences. Consider a freeform design for a natural and organic look or opt for a traditional style for a classic appeal. Incorporate features like a wading area for young children to play safely, ledges for lounging, and various depths for different activities. Having shallow areas allows kids to splash around while deeper sections accommodate diving and swimming. LED lighting can add a captivating ambiance during evening gatherings and can be operated with a remote control.

With a well-designed family pool, you can create a welcoming space for relaxation, fun, and cherished moments together. Jade Pools will work with clients to ensure a successful and enjoyable pool experience for the whole family.

Family Freeform Pool with Catchtank
Traditional Family Inground Pool with Fully Tiled Interior
Traditional Family Pool with Custom Feature Wall

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