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Pools With Spas

An inground concrete pool with an integrated spa or a raised spa offers the ultimate family experience, combining relaxation and fun in one luxurious setting. With a seamless design, the spa is built into the pool, creating a cohesive and visually appealing feature. Alternatively, a raised spa can be positioned adjacent to the pool, providing a distinct yet interconnected area.

The integrated spa provides a range of therapeutic benefits, allowing family members to unwind and rejuvenate with soothing hydrotherapy jets. It’s an ideal spot for parents to relax after a long day while still keeping an eye on the kids in the pool. The integrated design also saves space and ensures a seamless transition between the spa and pool.
On the other hand, a raised spa creates a focal point within the pool area, adding a touch of elegance. Family members can enjoy the spa’s bubbling waters and then easily dip into the pool to cool off or join in on the swimming fun.

To enhance the family experience, consider adding features like LED lighting, waterfalls, or cascading spillways, creating an inviting and visually striking ambiance. Ensure safety with appropriate fencing and non-slip surfaces.

Collaborate with an experienced pool contractor to bring your vision to life, ensuring that the pool and spa design complements your family’s needs and creates an unforgettable space for cherished moments together.

Lap Pool & Spa with Remco Cover
Pool with Raised Spa Design with Catchtank
Freestanding Spa with Glass Window
Pool and Spa with Glass Wall.

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