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Renovation of Pool & Spa

Jade Pools built the original pool and spa in 1985 and we were approached by the clients to update the pool both internally and on the exterior as well as new equipment.

The project was a large undertaking as it involved removing all of the interior and existing brick pavers and removing the original equipment as well as updated lights to the pool and spa.  We also removed fittings inside the pool with updated eyeballs and suction covers and an overflow pipe to the skimmer.

We only a do limited amount of renovations but we take pride in ensuring that the work undertaken is thoroughly inspected to ensure that the integrity of the concrete shell is in good condition.  We also discuss all possible options to enable clients to make an informed decision when it comes to other items that may need to be renovated/replaced.

Jade Pools can create the dream and bring it to reality even when it comes to a renovation of your pool.


8m x 4m with 3sqm Spa
100% Azure Glass
Waterline Tiles:
Ezarri Niebla mid blue tiles to waterline and spa
Additional Features:
Raised Spa

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